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Sydney bike show

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I don't know if there are any other aussies on this site, come to think of it, but i wanted to rave about this show anyway. Did anyone else make it along? I picked up a pair of kevlar jeans and drooled over the Kawasaki display... Dragged myself past the Ducati display so as not to torture myself with that which I can't afford :rolleyes: ...
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Naw I didn't take any. I can post one of the jeans though, they rock. i've already broken them in, oil slick down each leg lol...

the stitching is where the kevlar lining ends


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LOL! Looks like someone is trying to make their post quota... :D
lol hey i don't mind, my thread is somewhat lively lol
Haha that's lady, thank you very much... Happy new year, all!
Well, my apologies, ma'am. ;)

I am in Korea right now so I am about 2 hours away from the new year. Happy New Year from me as well. :D
Wow – I only wish I could have gone to Australia for the show. What could be better – a great vacation AND a great motorcycle show. Next year take photos so us poor folk can better join in on the fun! And Happy New Year Down Under!
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