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Suzuki pics thread!

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I know we have a snapshot thread and a couple other picture threads but seeing as I own and love suzuki's I want us to have our own pic thread within the zuki thread. SO here we go, lets see it guys(and gals)!
Heres my 2000 GSXR 600 SRAD!


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What year and model is it?
Here is a factory manual for you from BikeCliff's Website:
Thanks man. This is going to be really helpfull
Hey, so I got the bike started ad in ideal but of I hit throttle it cuts off. I was thinking it could be air box or carbs and its just not getting enough air. Any ideas?
How long did you say it has been sitting? It's going to need a total carburetor strip down off of the rack, 24hr. soak in carburetor dip, O-rings and gaskets replaced, not always but mostly always carburetor boots to the head replaced along with their O-rings, carburetor to air box boots checked for air leaks and air box sealed where it needs it. A valve check and adjustment is necessary before you start. They adjust with shims and get tighter as they wear. Z1 Enterprises is a good place for gaskets, valve cover and carburetor, and valve shims. Robert Barr sells the proper O-ring kits for about $25.00.
It's a lot of work but worth it if you want a vintage bike that runs well.
1979 Suzuki gs 750

Just picked mine up two days ago, can't wait to post
You can link online photos but not from your hard drive.
Google Photos is a good free source. You can share a link without taking up server resources or probably drag the Photo onto your post but that will use up server resources.
Here's a pic of my '66 Suzuki S32-II or the "Olympian". Twin cylinder 150cc.
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A vintage Suzuki, from the Rizingson collection.
It's a1970 T250-II

Here I am, working out some electrical issues on it a while ago.
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Beautiful bikes! I wish the standards were still with us! I know there are a few, but I wish there were more, particularly in the 600cc to 900cc range.
Those little bikes were surprisingly quick. Great looking bike.
Here's another one of my Suzuki's, a 1975 GT550 Indy.
The sissy bar has since been removed;)

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