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Suzuki pics thread!

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I know we have a snapshot thread and a couple other picture threads but seeing as I own and love suzuki's I want us to have our own pic thread within the zuki thread. SO here we go, lets see it guys(and gals)!
Heres my 2000 GSXR 600 SRAD!


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Well I guess I'll just have to reply enough to get up to 15 post and I'll be able to post my picture.
Im also a member of some other forums and maybe it can connect to the other ones??? IDK just a wild guess
Can you help Zippy

First bike 96 Savage 650. Second bike is my new 2014 Boulevard. (I wasn't in my riding gear, cause I wasn't actually riding her yet...)
I'm having problems posting pictures on forum. It asked for URL which I did using but the picture does not paste (cant see and will not open) can you tell me how you manage to get your pictures shown. Must be a easier way !!!
I use Postimagae and no registration is required.
Love all the suzuki's I just bought my first! A 67 c 32 olympian! But I'm still to new to post pics... maybe ill just slap 15 posts up here so I can post
I finally got the TUX finished yesterday, putting on the fork gaiters and covers:

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It seems you are pretty close to me over here in Newport News.
It seems you are pretty close to me over here in Newport News.
Yeah I work over at shipyard. As a new rider id like to know some people in area who have a lot more experience.
You are going to need a walk through on the charging system. I have a line on reasonable parts and have all the tools to adjust and sync the carburetors. I was Navy on a destroyer in Vietnam stationed at D&S Piers Norfolk.
Nice. I was combat engineer in Marine Corp. Good thing I joined this site.
There is a dedicated GS site that I'll introduce you to later. The GS series was the first Japanese bike of the era that handled well. Heavy by today's standards, but can be made into an everyday rider fairly easily. The electrics sucked but there is a Series R/R conversion that pretty much cures that and allows for LED conversions without frying the stator. I'm running a Custom sports touring '78 GS1000E, 4-1 Vance and Hines pipes, Pods and stage-3 jet kit getting 44MPG on regular pump gas. It would have been the hot rod back in the day but will run with the 600 and 750's today without having to paddle through the gears to make power. The weight is still a disadvantage but makes for a solid comfortable riding platform. It's hard to beat an air cooled roller bearing motor.
Me and my old T500III

That's me on the tank, with my Grappa.

I rode it for years, and "sold" it to a buffy who was going to restore it. Can't find him now....

I wish I would have kept it and done it myself.

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Everyday rider is what I'm aiming for just bought a new battery because the old one was done for. My dad hadn't changed the battery the whole time he owned it and hadn't got on in in almost two years.
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