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Suzuki pics thread!

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I know we have a snapshot thread and a couple other picture threads but seeing as I own and love suzuki's I want us to have our own pic thread within the zuki thread. SO here we go, lets see it guys(and gals)!
Heres my 2000 GSXR 600 SRAD!


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Oh, I shouldn't get into this... :rolleyes:

I am not arguing Velocity stacks, they are more efficient. CV carburetors have an inherent lag and are more suited for general riding. You can sharpen them up with velocity stacks but you can never take the diaphragm lag out of them.
You can 'tune' the rate of lift (or call it timing of lift) of the CV slide by modifying the lift hole and using different strength springs. With enough experimentation you can make it do anything you want. (You'll end up buying several slide assemblies and springs before you're done). Probably not needed for a stock engine where you've only removed the air box and piped it though.

If you believe you can remove that part and still make it work right you are wrong.
The right way to do it is to tune the total intake length (center of intake valve to velocity stack / carb inlet) to the RPM you want the best efficiency. You have to consider space limitations so you probably can not catch the ideal sonic wave.
The 'lag' is likely due to improper jetting.

O Scope,
The cone shape on the left side of the red arrow (in your diagram) is part of the carburetor, not an add-on and not removable.
The venturi effect happens inside the carburetor and is part of the original design of the carburetor.
The venturi effect is not dependent on anything beyond the rear part of the carburetor itself because the venturi effect happens inside the carburetor itself.

Oh, I shouldn't get into this... :rolleyes:
........ Because some may not understand and become hostile. :(

Half Speed,
that's as ridiculous as
, "can not catch the ideal sonic wave" why are you still trying to explain away the velocity stack intake shape that was so obviously removed?
What is ridiculous? I only explained where the venturi effect happens. Maybe I should have explained what a venturi is but I assumed you knew because of the diagram you harvested from the innerweb.
Because of your 2-stroke engine experience I also assumed you would know what a sonic wave (sound wave) is because expansion chambers are designed around them and rely on them to function best at a desired RPM range.
There are simple formulas for determining the ideal tuned intake tract length for a four stroke engine using SONIC WAVES that are created in the intake tract of an engine. I'm sure you can find information on the web about it if you're interested. It is not ridiculous. It is fact.

The hacks removed all the air funnels from the carburetors
Funnels are not necessary and many factory induction systems use straight air ducts, not velocity stack type funnels behind the carburetor. Again, the correct intake tract length is more important than a funnel behind the carburetor. A straight air duct serves the function of reducing turbulence at the air jets in the back of the carburetor and to establish a more ideal overall intake length. I do agree some cone shape is more ideal than a straight duct behind the carburetor but again, it does not contribute to the venturi effect.

This is a Suzuki photo thread. We should stop "debating" basic tuning here.
You should start a thread on carburetor design, function, air flow dynamics, basic performance tuning and such if you want to carry on further.
I have suggested that before.... I will contribute. :)

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