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Last year I purchased from a friend, his Suzuki M12 motorcycle. It's a small, 50cc road bike built in 1966. After a little bit of money, and a little bit of elbow grease, it has proven to be a good, strong running bike...that is, until I overheated the engine, lost a circlip, and all around destroyed the motor.

Of course, just like in any bad relationship, I've tried to keep fixing things over and over; boring the cylinder, replacing the piston, new gaskets, etc, but I'm starting to think it's time to part with the 2 stroke motor, in exchange for a more environmentally friendly 4-stroke motor. I just bought my girl a 1963 Honda c110 and noticed that the frame is nearly the same. I was curious if anybody has tried swapping a honda motor with a suzuki motor? Are the frames made in the same plant?? I'm sure that with a little welding, and a little drilling, I can make any engine fit my frame, but I was curious if anybody had tried it. It would be nice to upgrade to a 90cc 4 stroke, to take care of power issues, and the Honda overhead cam engines are nearly indestructable.

I look forward to your advice,

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