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Suzuki GZ marauder 125cc won't start

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My Suzuki will not start and I'm confused as to why. I have taken the battery out and recharged it but I am getting nothing after charging. The headlights and dash etc are fine so I know it's not a flat battery. Is it something with the clutch or kickstand switch and if so how do I find out? Any help please
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my snc cable is one the top of the carbs. not sure if that helps
ive got the rear carb out still connected to the bike replacing the float needle and jets on both might help, i am bring careful not to mess up the sync cable.
The sync can get out of wack over time so a good resync may help. Also, put 4 ounces of Seafoam in the tank on the next fill up to help clean out the carbs. Seafoam every 6 months will help them stay clean.

This may help with the synch.

If not hop over to Intruders-Alert and they may be able to help out. Intruders-Alert - Index page
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bike wants to start but still not running even after carb cleaned out .....what is the next step i might have to take it to the shop to be fixed. trying to save 400.00 lol plz help
Have you checked the mufflers for stoppage ?
Is the fuel pump working and is fuel getting to the carbs?

Is it possible that you forgot to turn the fuel shut off back on when you put the tank back on?
hi, 谋 hope so help you, if a motorcycle not working either not gas or not elekctric on spark plugs
first remove spark plugs and tip touch motorcycle chasis when you start button push. 谋f you see lighting that meen electirick is okey.

you problem is carbrateur gets dirty in my opinion. a motorcycle doestn worked for a long time, the carbrateur gets dirty.
probably you main jet is blocked.
well i cleaned the carbs and it ran for about 15 sec last night. Now it's back to hesitating. at this point i might just have it serviced. The fuel pump is working, I'm not sure how to tell, I don't hear any humming (right side of bike under seat) but I'm also deaf above a certain decibel. All help is appreciated but I'm still stumped. may have to have carbs rebuilt fully by a shop.
Pour seafoam or berrymans b12 directly into the carbs and let it sit over night. Drain the float bowls and then try starting it.
Run that stuff right on through .. don't waste it .....
Run that stuff right on through .. don't waste it .....
You can but if you run it with the carbs full it is going to smoke like hell. You can strain it then out it back in the tank if you want to save it.
I don't think I'd recommend running an engine with straight B12 in the carburetors, but soaking them in B12 might help. Then if you can get the bike to run well enough you could run a few tanks mixed with B12 thru... GO by the INSTRUCTIONS for mixture strength.

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