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Suzuki GS650G Early 80s Model Repair

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Hey I have a Suzuki GS650G I believe it is a 1986 model I am not 100% for sure. I will check when I get home.

Anyways, the bike is mine and my dads. He rides it very infrequently and not very fast at all. Anyways, I usually run the engine as fast as it can go (which I know is a terrible thing to do but I can't help it).

When we bought the bike it was in very good condition the previous owner took very good care of it. A few weeks ago I noticed the engine was starting to run rough and I talked to my dad and we were going to take it in and have all of the fluids and lubes replaced. He went on vacation and we never got to it.

The engine was making a weird kind of clicking noise

Ill add more to this Im working on my friends 67 Mercedes =p
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