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I'm a fairly new rider. I bought a 2005 Suzuki gs500f last summer and have put 4000 miles on the thing. Recently I hit a sewer cap, locked down the rear brake, and went sliding rather ungracefully along the asphalt. I was fine, but my bike lost a mirror and needed new handlebars. The fairings were roughed up, but over all I didn't feel the need to drop another $500 for new ones.

The thing is that recently I noticed what seems to be a fairly common occurrence: clicking. When the engine isn't running (and probably when it is I just can't hear it) the bike makes a clicking sound when I roll it forwards or backwards.

I checked a couple of other forums and posts, but there seems to be an exhaustingly long list of things that could be going wrong. I'm hoping that with the information above, someone might be able to tell me what's wrong or at least what to check first. I'm pretty good with figuring things out, and I'd really prefer not to have to take it to the shop and spend my dwindling college funds.

Thanks in advance!
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