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Hello, hope this is the right place to post this question as I can't really post anywhere else until I get at least 3 posts.

Here's a bit of history: So I'm a new rider; I've been riding a few months now after taking the MSF beginner course. Before taking the course, I bought a 1987 Suzuki GS450L with 29,000 miles from a good friend of mine for $300. It ran decent, but it's worth noting that it was sitting in a barn for about a year before I bought it. It also had a fuel leak, which I think was attributed to a stuck float valve in the carburetor. I ended up bringing it to a shop where they cleaned the carbs, put in a new float valve, and put on new carb boots.

After all that, it ran really well. I'd say for about two months it was trouble free... until now. Here is the new problem: the last two times I've taken it out I noticed when riding around 50 MPH, the power will cut out for a split second then come back. It basically feels like it would if I were to quickly let off the throttle, which I am not. Sometimes it only happens once, sometimes multiple times in a row. Almost every time it does this, it is followed by a backfire. The odd thing is that it only happens when I'm going 50+ mph... on back roads going 35 it runs perfect.

Anyways, hopefully someone can help me out!
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