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Hi all I have a 1996 Suzuki GS125 that has a slight problem it doesn't like having the throttle fully open or going up hills and judders and splutters it had been off the road for a few years before I bought it so thinking it might be worth taking the carb off and cleaning it. I read some where that the main jet on these is under sized and should be changed for a bigger one but I can't find this now and was wondering if this was the case and if it is what size should I change it too?



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If it is stock, don't mess with the main jet size or it will run rich and use more fuel:surprise:

Before taking the Carb apart, (I assume you have motorcycle carb experience) try running a large portion of "Chevron Techron" carb and fuel injection cleaner in the tank and go for a long ride, constantly running from just past idle to full throttle numerous times and this may take care of the gunk in the float bowl and other carb parts that are dirty. Seafoam and Lucas and Gumout work well too. I have used this on Supersport bikes successfully in the past and it has kept me from a 'terrible' and lengthy job:surprise:

Your bike absolutely couldn't be easier to work on so have fun:wink2:

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