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I have been working on restoring one for several months now. It was neglected and in pretty bad shape when I got it.

There are no real problems particular to this little bike. They are pretty bullet proof in general. I have had no significant problems going through the entire bike mechanically so I don't expect that you will either.

One job that was tough was rebuilding the front forks. If you are going to completely disassemble them for a rebuild then you'll need a special tool (or a substitute... a huge 17" long screwdriver) to get the damper rod out of the fork. It just spins inside the fork when you try to remove the 8 MM socket cap bolt from the bottom of the fork unless you hold the rod from spinning inside the fork tube from the top. If you get to that job and need help, just PM me and I'll work you through it.

I'll attache a picture of mine still in process. It's a 1983 model.


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