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Suzuki ds80

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Just purchased a 1992 Suzuki DS80 for my son.

I'm wondering if anyone would know an approx. cost of having the motor rebuilt?

Anyone have a guestamation?
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It depends on the extent and the shops labor rate or if you are going to do it at home.

If it just needs a top end job, possibly bore and hone the cylinder, new piston, rings, gaskets, without boring it you're looking at around $75 in parts. I'm not sure what they charge to bore a cylinder but I think it's less than $100 to bore it and fit up the new piston. Don't order a piston until you know how far it has to be bored out. Then you have the labor to put it back together unless you do it.

If the crank needs new bearings then the engine cases have to be split and the crank pressed apart (that can't really be done at home without the right tools). That costs some money there so add new bearings with a top end job (might as well it's apart anyways and a shop will recomend it) you're probably looking at close to $500 or so.
Thanks very much for the info CB750F !

I found a great site that allowed me to see diagrams and pricing for parts, that I thought I should share.

www . bikebandit . com/partsbandit/

Its pretty kewl, as it allows you to save your bikes for your next visit.

If anyone knows of any others similar to this one, but in Canada, could they please post the link?


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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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