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Suzuki Blvd 650 or Kawasaki 500 LTD???

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Hello, all;

I'm thinking of dumping my 250 sportbike (which was bought solely for the mpg's) for a cruiser. I'd like a little more oomph, but in a smaller package than a "big" bike. I'm not a newbie (riding 26 years), and not a small guy 5'11", 240lbs solid. I'm only interested in commuting to and from work (local roads). So, anyone have a Suzuki Blvd 650 or Kawasaki Vulcan 500? If so, can you share the good and bad? This would be just for commuting and the occasional hwy jaunt (I'm building a chopper/bobber, so that would be my "big" bike).

Thanks for sharing some info!
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