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This is what I found. It was the name of the Suzuki single shock rear suspension. Suzuki lost a lawsuit over the development and had to give it up.

On a motorcycle with a single shock absorber rear suspension, a single shock absorber connects the rear swingarm to the motorcycle's frame. Typically this lone shock absorber is in front of the rear wheel, and uses a linkage to connect to the swing arm. Such linkages are frequently designed to give a rising rate of damping for the rear.[14] In 1972, Yamaha introduced the Mono-Shock single shock absorber rear suspension system on their motorcycles competing in the Motocross World Championships.[15] The suspension which was designed by Lucien Tilkens, became so successful that other motorcycle manufacturers developed their own single shock absorber designs.[15] Honda refers to its single shock absorber design as Pro-link suspensions, Kawasaki as Uni-Trak and Suzuki as Full-Floater.[16][17] Honda's Unit Pro-Link, used first on the Honda RC211V MotoGP racer, and then on the 2003 Honda CBR600RR sport bike, is intended to isolate the frame and the steering head from undesirable forces transmitted by the rear suspension by having the dampers upper mount contained within the rear swingarm subframe, rather than connecting it to the frame itself.[18]
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