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So I recently stumbled apon a United Motors SMF 200 for super cheat but had no title or bill of origin. That raised a red flag for me and I checked out the VIN online and it came back clean. Bike ran fine I just am assuming the guy knows very little about bikes to sell it for cheap. So now I have the problem of how do I get a title for it? The guy never obtained a title for the bike in the first place as he only used it as a dirt bike and didn’t need to register it so what’s do I do. I also live in NJ.
I am guessing you have some choices: They are: Ask guys like me online, ask your local Toyota dealer, or ask your state motor vehicle branch.
From me you might get cheap advice as above, from the Toyota dealer you might get a free coffee, and or check out any good looking staff, and from the MVB, the info you are looking for. Your choice.

Wots a SMF 200 look like. Is it made by Lop Chung?

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