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Superglue bonds by way of an aerobic/anaerobic (air, no-air) reaction.

So the "right" way to use it is to LIGHTLY wet one surface, touch the two surface together to spread it around, pull them apart to expose BOTH to air, and then re-touch and clamp the two surfaces.

Keep both opened and unused tubes of SuperGlue (cyanoacrylate) in the freezer.

Cold superglue REACTS slower, gives you more time to adjust, etc than if you allow the tube to warm up.

I've used Superglue to close lacerations, the KEY is not to put it IN the wound (it really, REALLY stings!) but to hold the two sides TOGETHER, and form a "fake skin" over the top with Superglue. Wait 10, apply a second layer.

Works really well on those cuts that desperately want to pull themselves apart - like on the meat of the hand.

Buddy just old me about a new glue/paste that you SET with UV light.

I'm pretty sure DENTISTS use something like this as I see them jamming a UV lamp in my mouth doing repair work... must be waterproof.
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