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Hi all,

I recently tried the Suomy Vandal and thought I'd share my thoughts with you.

I had never really heard too much about Suomy - probably because they are from Italy and do not concentrate too much on the North American market.

The first thing I noticed was the front vents - instead of sliding vents they are actually twist controlled knobs. This makes for a more controlled venting system.

The second feature that blew my mind was how well the helmet fit on my head when I put it on!

All Suomy's have a triangulated shape, where the helmet's padding comes out from under the helmet, and is angled inward. This makes the helmet 'hug' your head.

The graphics on the Vandal are pretty hot, but they don't have many solid colors...

Overall I would definitely recommend the Vandal.

For those interested, a complete review can be found at site in my signature.
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