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A KX65 is not street legal in California. Slicks are not street legal in California. If a cop sees you, even doing figure-8s in a parking lot, expect to have your motorcycle impounded.

As far as practice spots, I have used park-and-ride lots on weekends, school parking lots on weekends, and park/recreation parking lots on weekdays. Once I lived not too far from Corona and found an industrial area that was vacant on weekends, where I could ride a rectangular route, about .25 miles per side, on public streets and never see another vehicle--great spot for cornering practice. Glancing at Google maps, if I were looking for a place to do drills in Corona, I would check out the transit center parking lot off Main St. north of the 91. I would expect it to be mostly empty on weekends, so it should be easy to stake out a small area of pavement far from the train boarding area. But I would not go there on a 2-stroke motocross bike.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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