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I have a 97 Suzuki 800 Intruder in which I bought gas then my bike started backfiring sputtering and shut off I waited a few minutes it started back up and it did it again and then it wouldn't start i trailered it home thinking maybe I bought bad gas but I emptied the tank and it wasn't the gas I checked the voltage it's getting fire the fuel lines are fine i crank It Up the next day rode it around for about 10 minutes ran fine did the same thing and wouldn't start back up it keeps doing this what could it be?
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When checking for issues you need to be able to replicate the problem when diagnosing. It could be a coil issue that happens when hot, it could be a fuel passage thing that happens when hot, none of the issues seems to happen when cold or sitting for a while. I would doulbe check the connection all arount the ignition and the spark again when it is actually giving you the issue. If it is not running and giving isse cold or not you will need to make sure everything is happening start with the basics, fuel, air, spark and compression and connections clean dry and making connection. Dianosing sporatic issues is a real PITA, good luck!
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