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I have a 97 Suzuki 800 Intruder in which I bought gas then my bike started backfiring sputtering and shut off I waited a few minutes it started back up and it did it again and then it wouldn't start i trailered it home thinking maybe I bought bad gas but I emptied the tank and it wasn't the gas I checked the voltage it's getting fire the fuel lines are fine i crank It Up the next day rode it around for about 10 minutes ran fine did the same thing and wouldn't start back up it keeps doing this what could it be?
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Do these test measurements. Numbers will tell exactly what's wrong:

1. battery voltage with everything OFF, volts = ???
2. battery voltage while pushing start-button, volts = ???

3. battery voltage with everything OFF, volts = ???
4. battery voltage while pushing start-button, volts = ???
Just say no to Seafoam! It's +30% ethanol, which is stuff in crappy modern petrol that causes all sorts of problems like dissolving fuel-lines, phase-separation of petrol into water, leading to corrosion of tanks and fuel-systems. Instead, use some PEA-based fuel-system cleaners.

  • Red Line SI-1
  • Techron Concentrate Plus
  • 3M Max Strength Fuel System Cleaner #08814
  • Royal Purple Max Atomizer 18000
  • Gumout All-in-One (may be off list soon due to lowering amounts of PEA)
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Another way to simulate warmed-up operating conditions is with hairdryer. Warm up each electronic component to test if it fails when hot: ignition coils, ignitor, pick-up coils, start/stop switch, ignition switch; fusebox, etc.
Fresh off chargers, they'll measure +13v.

Usually takes many days to drop to resting voltage. Here's mine after 4-weeks in winter garage, it is lithium battery though. Got rid of all lead-acid bats about 10-yrs ago
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Looking back through thread, we actually don't have any measured numbers huh? It very well could just be worn-out battery.
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Online studying for modern youngsters: Learn About Batteries
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