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I have a 97 Suzuki 800 Intruder in which I bought gas then my bike started backfiring sputtering and shut off I waited a few minutes it started back up and it did it again and then it wouldn't start i trailered it home thinking maybe I bought bad gas but I emptied the tank and it wasn't the gas I checked the voltage it's getting fire the fuel lines are fine i crank It Up the next day rode it around for about 10 minutes ran fine did the same thing and wouldn't start back up it keeps doing this what could it be?
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Never tried SeaFoam but I can vouch for B12... Be sure to go by the mixing instructions on how much B12 -to- fuel (y)

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Most fully charged batteries measure around 12.75 volts. Some a bit less, and now and then a bit more.
They will measure higher when just disconnected from the battery tender. Let sit for a while and check the volts again.
Half flat or half discharged is 12.25 volts. If you consistently get 12.25 or less, the battery is tired.
I believe Yuasa agrees with you... (y)

With the engine running, 14.5 is common. Bon chance.
I agree with that although as low as 13.5 and even up to 15.3 could be common for some machines when running above about 1500 RPM, or higher.

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