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I have a 97 Suzuki 800 Intruder in which I bought gas then my bike started backfiring sputtering and shut off I waited a few minutes it started back up and it did it again and then it wouldn't start i trailered it home thinking maybe I bought bad gas but I emptied the tank and it wasn't the gas I checked the voltage it's getting fire the fuel lines are fine i crank It Up the next day rode it around for about 10 minutes ran fine did the same thing and wouldn't start back up it keeps doing this what could it be?
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I forgot one that is conman on Intruders and an easy fix / check. Your fuel cap has an air vent in it that can get clogged over time or there is a float in the cap that closes it off in a tip over that can get stuck. If it is clogged or stuck you won't pull air into the tank and it will stop the bike from getting enough gas. Pull the cap apart and just check it out. Or open the cap and let it run with the cap off to see if it stalls again.
That's what I was going to suggest, it could be a clogged vent. Ride it till it starts acting up then open the gas cap to relieve any vacuum in the tank then see if it starts and runs fine for 10 minutes again, then repeats.
If it does, you found the problem....
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