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Stock Bike - help needed to select mods

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hi all,
i got my 1st bike - the Yamaha r6s 2006
its all stock

what mods do you recommend?
what websites/stores/brands can you recommend?

i am not into racing yet - its my 1st bike and i got a lot to learn how to ride it yet so i guess the mods are for looks/safety......
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I don't race, (no tracks around here anyway) so you may want to do alot more than this to your bike. On my CBR600F4i, I put a double-bubble windscreen on which helps keep the wind off me at speed, much better than the stock one. I have a Muzzy exhaust which I like better than the stock exhaust. For looks, I replaced the grips, and levers and put a tank protecter thingy on. I mainly take joy in keeping my bike running and riding well by keeping good tires on it, and doing the recommended maitenance on time - mostly doing it myself so I know its done right. Good luck with your new bike.

I bought most of the stuff for my bike off Ebay or from local shops.
If you're new, get a set of sliders. They'll help protect your bike when you go down. And since you're new, it's very likely you will go down sometime. It could save hundreds in the long run. On my CBR I put a led taillight with integreated turn signals so I could get ride of the signal stalks on the rear. It was easy to do and looks good.

Check ebay and Drag Specialties. That's where I got my stuff. But then I work for a bike shop and we are a dealer for them and I got stuff at cost.

i researched sliders available and now am confused. all sellers (ebay/other sites) claim their product is the best. the price varies from $20 to $175+
basically all i want is a least expensive frame sliders that will work in case i fall (i am a new rider and dont expect to do racing for a while).

here is the confusing points:
1. material: dervil, plastic, aluminum, combo?
2. mounting bolts are from 10-12mm... whats enough?
3. monting: requires cut or no cut (these have angled rod - how reliable are these?)?

Swing arm sliders: what should i be looking for here? i see some of them are spools/sliders.

are there sliders for front fork/wheel?

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