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Steering locked.

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i have a small chinese bike, lifan lf200. one day i locked it before going to class and tried to unlock it afterwards and it still has not came unlocked (its been a month now). I have tried a multitude of things from tapping the pin in with a hammer to continuously turning the key back and forth and even dropped some oil to try and lubricate it, but the pin will not come back in. I have asked a lot of people what to do and all give the same advice, "drop some WD-40 in the ignition." The only thing i can think of now is changing the ignition or breaking the pin. if anyone has and advice i would appreciate it.:(
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Without actually looking at the bike what I think you're gonna have to do is pull the ignition switch off the bike and then see if you can rotate the pin out of the way. Then you might as well take the steering lock off and use something else so it doesn't happen again. Some bikes where the ignition switch also works the fork lock if you take the switch off you can use something like a screwdriver to rotate the lock out of the way.

If you can get it apart you might be able to repair it.
If you bought it at a dealer they should be able to tell you how to get it apart to fix it, it may be under warrenty since I don't see how you could possibly break a fork lock through abuse. Pick up a shop manual for it if they have one.
I don't see how you could possibly break a fork lock through abuse. .
I was wondering the same thing. Unless someone tried to force something into the ignition..
Trust me if one could be broke I could do it without trying. :D
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