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Stalling problem

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I have a 2002 honda shadow 750. It does fine on the top half of the tank. Then it will go down the road a few miles and then quit. Sometimes it goes his a couple of miles others maybe 9 or 10. This is gravity assist and carburetor. Any ideas?
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Could there be a X-over tube from one side of the tank to the other side that got clogged up? Other than that,
if able to take a long a 1 gal Jerry jug, Did you figure out miles to half a tank? if so then gas up shortly before
that and see how it goes, Something tells me to pull that petcock and either replace it or clean it as well as
check the crossover tube. If you put valve on 'RESERVE' does bike run? if not that is going to be a hard lesson
to learn, been there, done that.
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