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I really want to get a used 2000 HONDA CBR600F4 for my first bike.

I know i don't have a lot of experience but i fail understand the difference between this sporty bike vs another 600cc bike like a CBR 600.

Aren't all 600cc about the same output wise ? Am i way out of my league??

What can i expect from this bike vs. a different more commonly used beginner bike like a ninja 500?

What noob errors might i make with the CBR600F4 and how can i prevent them??

Are their more advanced rider courses that are good??? Advanced MSF class in my area covers same things as basics but goes faster pace and i want to really improve my basic skills but don't have a practice bike yet.I'm not looking to learn how to ride on a race track but just to learn to be more safe

I also want to get a bike that will keep me satisfied power wise and think this bike will be a good one for that because i will be strapped for cash and my area isnt big biker area, so reselling is difficult.

Took a friend almost a year to sell his 07 ninja 250 and had to keep lowing his asking price while paying it off. He had it for 3 months before he got bored with it.

Thanks for the help!
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