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Grasping the diff..

Hey Chip I went through the same thinking curve as you when I began my search fora good starter bike. Some say get a 650 or 750 as a good starter and others saying NO!!! start smaller!! Hmm and the reasons as stated by pint and schnied are pretty much what I heard. Very vallid but easy to rationalise away too. I took some advice from another off a diff board and got a book "Proficient Motorcycling" by David L. Hough. Read the first few chapters and also go to youtoube and search for motorcylce accidents. the combination will give you a perspective on the need to start slow and maybe small, the book especially. but mainly start smart and think it through and don't let your ego lead the way get what is right for you.

Another thought is to go and look on like craigslist and see how many race bikes are for sale with reconctructed titles.
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