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Sporty 600cc Vs. Common Beginner Bikes???

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I really want to get a used 2000 HONDA CBR600F4 for my first bike.

I know i don't have a lot of experience but i fail understand the difference between this sporty bike vs another 600cc bike like a CBR 600.

Aren't all 600cc about the same output wise ? Am i way out of my league??

What can i expect from this bike vs. a different more commonly used beginner bike like a ninja 500?

What noob errors might i make with the CBR600F4 and how can i prevent them??

Are their more advanced rider courses that are good??? Advanced MSF class in my area covers same things as basics but goes faster pace and i want to really improve my basic skills but don't have a practice bike yet.I'm not looking to learn how to ride on a race track but just to learn to be more safe

I also want to get a bike that will keep me satisfied power wise and think this bike will be a good one for that because i will be strapped for cash and my area isnt big biker area, so reselling is difficult.

Took a friend almost a year to sell his 07 ninja 250 and had to keep lowing his asking price while paying it off. He had it for 3 months before he got bored with it.

Thanks for the help!
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The biggest noob mistake you can make with a 600cc sport bike is underestimating what it can do compared with what you can handle. Let me put it in perspective for you...

When Kawasaki debuted the KZ900, bike magazines claimed it was the manliest bike you could buy. You had to have nizzuts the size of coconuts to ride the thing. Cycle world said,"It'll grow hair on your chest, then part it down the middle!" The Z1 ended a lot of riding careers. It had a miserable chassis and lousy tires by today's standards, but at the time, it pretty much reigned supreme. This wondrous machine was making all of 70 horsepower on a good day.

Fast forward to now. Your average 600 is making about 95 horsepower, and is so smooth, you don't feel how fast you're going until you're in traction. The brakes on these things are phenomenal, so phenomenal in fact, that you can get yourself in trouble with the brake lever alone.

Be careful. If you start thinking right off the bat that you need to do wheelies and stuff, do this instead. Find someone with a pickup truck. Go for a ride in the bed, and jump out at about 35 MPH. This will save you a ton of money on bike plastic.

Good luck and be safe.
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