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I give you this free advice as a Computer and IT Tech and business owner:

Don't ever give out any info over the Internet---absolutely everyone wants your private info. It's called Data mining.

Here's some info sent to a guy on a ATV/ side by side forum:

A Point of View Marketing Research

We would like to thank you for agreeing to participate in our market research discussion group where you will have the opportunity to discuss RUV’s with other RUV owners.

There will be absolutely no attempt to sell you anything and you will not be contacted with mailings or phone calls as a result of your participation. We are interested only in your thoughts and opinions.

You are scheduled for: Friday – August 27, 2010

Arrival Time – 5:00pm

Focus Group - 5:30pm

Location: A Point of View Research/Red Gum Campus

2983 Miraloma

Anaheim, CA 92806

(Map Attached)

Your participation will last approximately 3 hours including the first 30 minutes of registration/check-in time. We think you will find the time you spend with us interesting and enjoyable. As a token of our appreciation for your completed participation you will receive $200.

Be sure to bring your current registration/bill of sale, your driver’s license and a current photograph of the vehicle. Also bring reading glasses if you need them.

Since only a select few are invited your attendance is very important to us.

If for any reason you are unable to attend please call us at 714)394-2889.

Please arrive by 5pm, so we may begin our study on time. Only you will be allowed to participate, so please do not bring any guests or children unless they are able to wait in our lobby area.

All focus groups will be video taped and your will be photographed prior to the session. This is for market research purposes only and will not be used in any commercial form.

There is no free lunch;)


9,892 Posts
Why $200 for the silly ATV crowd and only $150 for we bike riders????

I assure you it is a waste of time and the data is used for nefarious purposes.

We all know about our private info being used and/ or sold by who we consider to be legitimate well known companies like for instance: GOOGLE, AT&T, Microsoft etc.

Hillary Clinton, to my extreme joy is finding out how secure her Illegal classified emails and correspondence on her illegal off-site servers really are.

Miscrosoft's latest operating system, Windows 10, supplies your private data to anyone, for purposes unknown, unless one sets the security parameters against doing so during set up or after which is more difficult.

30% of all contacted currently by the so called Microsoft Technician that wants to be allowed to remotely access your computer to eliminate malware, actually allow it to happen and pay the +-$300 to have their computer cleaned. After the payment, nothing is done whatsoever but all of the customers data is mined and used for many purposes. In many instances, the machine is useless after the remote access.

The Windows 10 scam is the latest and greatest malware out there, offering the free win 10 upgrade and looks 99% like the offer came from Microsoft---but it didn't and again, people are falling for it, rendering their machines useless after the takeover. GOOGLE the Windows 10 scam just for fun!

I fix this stuff everyday, 10-12 hours a day, 6 days a week if need be, on site and remotely. Again, be aware of anyone wanting your personal info.

I went to your web-site right away Dorene and it looks legitimate. So does OBUMMER.;)

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