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Socal riding Please help

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I haven't purchased my bike yet nor have I ridden one yet. I am very much looking forward to it and have already gotten my permit. Additionally i plan to have my license by July 3rd. I plan on buying a Ninja either 250 or 500 just to play with a starter bike. However...

I have heard a growing number of concerns from friends and family some of which are motorcycle riders that Southern California is th absolute worst place to ride in the US. I have heard nothing but negativity about the drivers down here and I wanted to get some outside opinions. Thank you all very much in advance it could quite literally save my life.

*i realize that this is posted elsewhere but this is a better thread*
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Hi! I can't really comment on SoCal drivers as to their attatude, I live Here, ...Not there. but "Drivers" everywhere are ridin' around in steel cages and they CAN NOT SEE YOU!
Believe it or not, you are invisible to them, therefore, use the power you'll have on your Ninja to ride just aggresivly as you need to be to stay in front of them or at least out of their blind spot.
Install a headlight modulater for the benifit of those comming at you, and for Cripes sakes, don't do like all those other ninja riders around here and ride around with shorts a tank top and flip flops with only a back pack on.
Don't act the fool by doin' wheelies and headies and **** going down the boulivard. That stuff is for stunt riders and TV & movies. Not real people. Else, you'll be making payments on a pile of scrunched scrap plastic and aluminum in your garage, with one or more of your limbs broke off just where it comes out of your body.

GET some freakin' street riding personal protective gear thats worth a dang , I mean, dress out like a freakin' transformer in the cartoons.
Don't mean to scare you, ...really.
Have a nice day!
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I just bought a 500 Ninja, I pick it up monday. I've ridden the older version of them, the EX500, and trust me ya won't get bored with it any time soon. Just ride defensivly and be on your toes.
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