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People come and go; seems to be the nature of all internet Forums. But especially in the area of motorcycling, there are so many things that can get someone to stop, or have to stop riding that I'm not surprised when someone disappears from the forum. Not long ago one of my best riding friends sold his bike, possibly never to return, at the demand of his wife when their second child was born. Another good friend has developed medical issues that have kept him from riding for a few years now, and possibly forever. My third riding friend is in a new job which has left him almost zero time riding, so his new tourer just sits in the garage totally unused. I'm sure similar things have happened to riders that are part of this forum, and while for some, keeping up on the forum may be a second-best connection to motorcycling, for some it just becomes a reminder of what they can no longer be doing.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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