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SM610 gas tank leak

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When I arrived at school today, I found that I had gasoline down my leg. Yesterday I noticed gas residue on my engine but didn't have time to check things out. I took the front fairing (or whatever you want to call it) off and it seems it bolts into the gas tank, there are two holes one above the other and gas is leaking out of the top hole!

What the hell? What kind of retarded design is this? My tank is still on warranty so I can get it replaced for free, but I was wondering if anyone else with a SM610 had ever experienced this issue?
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I havent hand any problems with my tank "yet".But i have a sh*t load of other problems with SM610 and it a brand new 2007 model!:confused:

Anyone else got problems?
You guys had bad luck...
husqvarna was in trouble for a long time, struggling to survive with serious financial problems... and they are italians, and italian machine usually:
1) are very fast, and have great motors
2) have little stupid problems, and stuff breaks a lot

Anyway, the SM610 is a great machine, enjoy it, and try to find a good repair shop!
Oh, and I said "was in trouble" because husqvarna these days it is own by BMW, so quality should improve very fast... the germans don't joke around at the job!

Hopefully BMW will improve MVAgusta and Husqvarna, I am strongly thinking about selling my SM610.The bike has a 6month warranty right?If this period is passed I wont be able to pay for all the sh*t this bike is giving me.

The motor seems to run good, but some balancing wheel already broke and made the bike vibrate out of control.:mad:

Is anyone familiar with Husaberg?My friend has 1,also a 580cc or sumthing and its giving no problems at all.
I have a husaberg.
a 2000 FE 400
so far so good, but I only use it for TT in weekends.
for road use, i don't know... they are racing bikes, with small capacity of motor oil, and big compression high revving motors...
what about a new ktm with the brand new lc4 motor, or to be in the safe side.... a honda xr650 (ugly, I know...)
Haha,no Im not that desperate!

The new Aprillia V-twin supermotos look awesome and those v-twin motors are very powerful!The only problem is they like using allot of fuel and they are a bit more expensive(the services as well).But I still dont trust Italian bikes after I got my Husqvarna.
The about the aprilia is that if you have to service the engine, you will have twice the parts to exchance, and almost twice the work...
I see a lot of people saying they have a lot of problems with Husqvarnas, mine (SM610 2007) is running perfect, but I'm interested to have more information about the problems I could face and the solutions and the price of fixing those problems.
I am a tech at a husky dealer they are way!!!! better under BMW ownership and they make the easiest four stroke to work on
Hi, guys! i don`t if i`m supposed to write here, but i can`t create a new thread because i just signed in. So my problem is that, i just cleaned my carburetor so i had to unplug a wire that connects to it. and when i put the contact on, on the dashboard appeard the message CODE 1, and only the neutral light works, nothing else. Can you help me solve the problem? do i need to reset the computer?
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