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Slow speed drills and figure 8's for training!

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I had the pleasure of riding some mini bikes this weekend to practice slow speed drills, figure 8's and tight circles. We use a small TTR at the California Superbike School sometimes as well to teach similar exercises. Besides body position, what other things do these kind of drills help you improve? How many of you incorporate this kind of training with your own racing/riding program? (screen shot from a video)
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A buddy - Paul Batts - aka Batman - (long gone) and I got really good by practicing slow race in my yard.. (Two side by side lanes - 100 feet long. No putting feet down after start. Last across finish line wins)

Loser had to drink a shot.

We got amazingly good at it - and the two of us cleaned up on slow race trophies for a couple of years.

I would even stand on the seat of my chopped sporty - and could bring it to a complete stop. The crowds liked that move..

Getting good at something isn' t always hard work....

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Bet that was fun to do with a good buddy.
He - and others - are sorely missed.

But yup.- it was a blast...
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