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Shoulder Passing Near Death

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I also exercised at a gym with a man named Mike. He was a professional body builder in many magazines and well reknown. He shared his story with me.

He was shoulder passing a car that had their blinker on for a left turn when the car abruptly changed their mind and decided to quickly maneuver around the vehicle in front of them. The side swiped Mike and dragged him with their car for several miles. He lost his leg and arm in the process and barely survived.

He has custom designed body building prosthetics.

This is just one example of how very dangerous it is going around vehicles. Don't always expect drivers to do what they demonstrate with blinkers.

I've seen videos of drivers being in a left lane for turning with their blinkers on then realizing they have to make a right they cut across 3 lanes to get over without any regard to traffic. several instances i have seen motorcycles crashing into these types of drivers.
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