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shining up leater goods

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My brother just gave me a set of saddlebags, I would like to "freshen" them up a bit as they are kind of dull and lost their luster. Would you use plain shoe polish or is there something better?
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I'm tellin' you guys that the Harley shops got it goin' on for bike cleaning supplies. I guess you could use shoe polish.

Being from Wyoming i know a thing or two about leather.;) ..if the leather is hard and weathered, spray it down with olive oil, and leave it in the sun to let the oil penetrate the hide. that will soften even the most stiff, brittle, weathered, leather. if they are in good shape and just a little stiff and scuffed, start with a good boot dubbing like mink oil or the u.s.armys boot dubbing, then follow up with a nice hot polish job. should make them good as new. i have a set of saddle bags i made when i was a kid for rideing horseback. they have spent the last 13yrs on a motorcycle outside year round, they get a spray of olive oil once a year to soften them up, that it, not that they couldn't use a good dose of neetsfoot oil, but that stuff stinks! smells bad i mean. but for wasted beyond repair stuff, its known to do the trick better than olive oil. and get yourseld a bar of saddle soap, nothing cleans a nasty set of leathers better than saddle soap.well thats about all i know about leather. hope it helps.
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