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I've been driving for 5 months a 125cc Honda inova bike and i'm really getting bored of it.
I've got an A2 licence and i'm looking for a scrambler like bike. I' ve got about 2500 euros to spend. In greece there a lot of honda cb400sf (96'-01's) starting at 1400euros.
I really love that bike, the sound everything. But as you guessed there's always something that holds you back. This bike doesn't have ABS. Can i install one in a mechanic shop? How much will it cost me? Like a maximum price .
There are also good bikes that are way newer but they focus on other things instead of the engine. Like KTM DUKE 390. Which has ABS but it sounds like a honda innova on steroids :D.

Im a short guy, about 165cm tall and 65kg. I used cb400sf for my licence lessons and yeah i can reach both my legs down on tip toes. I can also pick it up if i drop it ( which yeah i did, because abs is not a thing for it).

Any suggestion?
*Im really into circle like old school bikes
*i dont like harley like bikes

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I don’t know if you can retrofit ABS on a bike without it. But even if you can it probably cost more than the bike is worth. My suggestion is to practice braking. I have had a couple bikes with ABS and the only time it has activated was when I forced it to. Normal emergency braking has never done it even at highway speeds. And I absolutely hate it on gravel anyway. Just the perfect place it would be nice to have if it really was worth a darn. Learn to properly brake and you’ll never miss a thing. Practice practice practice.
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Do some reading on proper braking and if you are a good learner, you will be able to brake just fine without ABS. On smaller bikes, I don't know that it's as important as on cruisers and touring bikes.

As HC stated, it may not be worth the money to try to retrofit.

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