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seat height...short guy

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I am about 5'7"...30 inch inseem. Looking at a kawasaki zzr-600, 32.5 inch seat height. Am I in for a really annoying ride? What do you guys think? Short guys speak up.
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Nope, I'm about your height and I don't feel it would be that bad. Remember it will sink down some when you set on it.
Sit on the bike and see if your feet touch the ground.:)
I rode a Buell Ulysses recently, and despite a 33" inseam, I still couldn't put both feet down flat footed, which I found somewhat uncomfortable. Others, it doesn't bother.
I will definitely not be able to put my feet flat on the ground. I sat on a buddies sv650s and couldn't touch with both feet. Are any of you guys riding without being able to put your feet flat on the ground? How problematic is it at stops/starts?
I can't put both flat foot on the ground with the Ninja, close but not quite, but I've been riding for eons like that. It doesn't bother me and starting and stopping are no big deal. I've only ever owned 1 bike I could touch flat footed with both feet. With the CB it's 1 foot only at a time no matter what and it's a 500+ pound bike with a real high center of gravity.
Sounds good, thanks for the replies.
Like I said you and I are both about the same height so I know what you mean. Once you get used to it it's no big deal. I rode with a guy who has a ZZR 600 last weekend, nice bike IMO.
indeed, ive never had a bike which ive been able to put both feet down.. you'll be fine ;)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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