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Perhaps because of the ginormous markets in Asia and Indonesia, 50-125cc scooters don't seem to be designed for American sized riders.

Even us Americans on the SMALL side of the scale

I owned.... and sold a Honda PCX125 which was a classic example of this. Mind you, I'm 5'8 and 190#.

I could not bend down and even SEE where the ignition key went. And then there was this incredibly annoying hump in the saddle RIGHT where I wanted to park my donkey. The PCX has a seat height of 29", same as the Honda Rebel.

the Vino125 felt similarly midget-sized.

The new Yamaha S-Max has a seat height of 31", a considerable improvement for some of us...

Of course the Silverwing I ride now has plenty of room, and someone 6' would have no issues with seat height or legroom.

So let's just write-off the sub 150cc market for us larger guys, for now. But what about the 250cc market --- like the Vespa 250ie. Any owners here? How large are you, and how well does THAT bike fit? Ditto for Kymco models...

My Honda Elite 250, which I rode for DECADES was just fine for a guy my size. And I'm sure the more recumbent Helix and Reflex could accommodate even larger riders. But I personally dislike a recumbent riding position, even the Swing is too "feet forward" for my tastes.

For the life of me I can't understand why the same scooter can't be built in three different frame sizes, the same way bicycles are. When you see those crazy Indonesians loading their whole family on one bike, they'd probably really appreciate an XL frame on a 125cc scooter, lol.


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All of the manufacturer's that make bikes and scooters are 'MIDGET' countries.

Almost all bikes are not comfortable for some BIG American people like me @ 6fft-5in and 350 lbs of solid, corn fed table muscle. Asians, Italians all the same miniature size. Even their cars are restrictive. The German offerings are much better and all of the Harleys, Victory's and Indian's are ergonomically fine for we large people. Even the big JAP cruisers are nice and roomy.

The only scooter I've had where I didn't look like a Monkey humping a football when I ride it is my 650 Burgman's. I remember sitting on the Honda Silverwing 650 and it felt roomy enough. My Kymco is okay and reminds me of my past T-max 500: Tight but okay for most rides.

The entire line of Moto Guzzi's are like 3/4 scale motorcycles. The salesman told me that it's because the Italians are so small.


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Also, I think these 150cc and smaller scooters, or mopeds, are made for a different type of travel. They're for comparatively slower going over shorter distances.

I travel 57 miles round trip for work. My slowest posted speed is 25mph, and that's for a few blocks. The highest is 70mph. Most of the miles I travel a day are posted 60-70 mph. Many Americans commuters commute farther and faster more often than most commuters in other countries.

We also tend to travel from city to city on highways and interstates, the likes of which may not even exist in some places where 125cc and smaller vehicles are prolific.

It's not unheard of in Latin and Asian countries to travel long distances as fast as one can, but I think Americans do it more.
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