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Scary close call!

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I never saw it coming and as you will see I took my time to check and recheck to make sure the road was clear! poor viability this could have ended very differently:sad:

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Wow. Too close.
You just got the bike and we almost lost you already!!
They say the greatest chance of having an accident is the first few months after getting a new bike or a new license.
You are still in that period.
To me those kind of intersections are the worst. You just can't see very well.
You can tell how long I waited to pull out because it is really a tough line of sight to see to your right. I really thought the lane was clear and he seemed to come out of nowhere! I had to play back the video to really see how close it was.
While I'm new to this bike I have about 40 years of riding experience I started at 12 on the dirt and by 16 I had my 1st street bike and license.
I posted this so others can so how easy it is to be caught off guard and how important it is to really be sure before you commit to pulling out like this.
I won't lie this was a scary moment but it didn't slow down my ride any I continued to ride and enjoy myself.
Happy your ok, stay safe people.

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I hate those acute angled intersections like that. We have several here and I try as hard as I can to get as perpendicular as I can at them. Trying to get as close to 90潞 on each side as I can. On a bike that's not too hard but a car can be, but I still do as good as I can. As in most cases, they will change an intersection after enough people are killed. Or maybe if the right one is. Never have been sure there. It isn't that hard to make intersections like that safer if they have the room. It's very poor road planning so it's up to you to do the best you can with them yourself. Just changing how you pull into one can make a huge difference. Certainly glad you were not a fast accelerator in this case. I've seen some intersection like this with vegetation to the right so thick that it made even my attack plan near worthless. Couldn't tell if this was one or not. But I would suggest everyone learn from this video and learn to turn back toward the right so you can see better. You may not be able to get perfectly perpendicular to the road you want to pull out on but you can get a much better view if you try.
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Close call for sure, cut to the right like hog says ^^^
Hog has great advise here, try to square the corner so you can see better. I didn't hear or see any reaction from the Jeep driver or you for that matter. Will have to watch again and see if I see any.
I HATE intersections like that, I know of a few, I actually will avoid them if possible, I'm not afraid of them but there just isn't a way to really be safe.
Well DGS65, that was scary !looks like you had pretty good visibility so far as weather conditions, I'm thinking there is a long dip to the right of that intersection you were at, say a 10 foot drop in 800 feet, doing 50, a car would travel that 800 feet in about 11 seconds, one is doing 73.3 feet a second. Doing 60 with a 15 foot drop in 800 feet would be worse, 88 feet covered in one second, 792 feet in 9 seconds. There is a road like that in Foster, R.I. route 6 I think, a bad piece of ass-PHALT AS CARS SEEM TO SUDDENLY APPEAR. SO if cars are going ten miles faster than speed limit, as in this scenario, they sure as heck will suddenly appear.
Hog has great advise here, try to square the corner so you can see better. I didn't hear or see any reaction from the Jeep driver or you for that matter. Will have to watch again and see if I see any.
There was no reaction it would have been nice if he had given me a horn or something but I suspect he thought I was just timing it perfectly. I on the other hand never saw him until you see it in the camera. What you can't tell in the video was I pulled out with my head turned hard right being I had a clear view to my left and knew nothing was coming my neck was turned full right until I was about 1/4 of the way into the left lane it felt like as soon as I turned back forward he appeared the only think I can think is sun glare and a white car with nothing but a white cloud background to my right.

Anyway aside from my heart rate I stayed calm and never showed any reaction as if I meant to do that. I have to wonder if I scared the **** out of the jeep as well?

It was a real nice ride I will see if I have any good video that shows the scenic roads.
DGS, at least it was a lesson learned and one you are not likely to forget.
And I doubt they even tried to hit their brakes, glad your good, I have been in that same situation multiple times, more so in my fully loaded truck when all I can do is hope I don't hear metal crunching.
I got rid of my E250 van which had no side windows because it was scary to drive but at least I had a truck around me, The bike doesn't offer much in the way or protection.
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