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Saddlebags won't fit under seat-Virago 535

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I bought some soft throwover saddlebags for a 99 Virago 535, however they will not fit under the rear seat (pictures below). I had the turn signals relocated, but the bags still won't fit properly. Currently they are thrown over the rear seat and secured with string. Would it be strange to leave them this way? My alternatives would be to go to a seat upholster to alter the leather so it fits under the seat, but then I would also have to make another adjustment so they don't touch the tire. I'm thinking maybe I'll leave them this way as they don't look half bad. Thoughts anyone?

Also, extra points for tips on how to secure them if I leave them this way. I don't want them flopping around at high speed if they're empty.




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The pictures didn't show up.

try again
Hey Mike, let me know if you can see these?


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Now I can see them
Nice looking saddlebags!

One option is to leave them on top like shown in the pictures and have a 'saddle shop/ leather shop,' make you some strong tie down straps. This is cool if you are traveling and want to remove the bags with you so the contents won't be stolen :surprise:

The other option is to modify the bags to fit under the seat and when you have it right and they fit then tie them off with leather snaps or plastic ties or pop rivet them to something to hold them secure.:wink2:

I've done both, many times:grin:

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