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I've got a 2015 KTM 300XCW. After I've been riding for a few hours, my bike starts to run very rough. It doesn't want to idle, it pops, and bogs down before accelerating when I twist the throttle. None of these things happen in the first few hours of riding. Bike runs great the first few hours of a ride. After the last ride this happened, I changed the plug, cleaned the air filter, changed muffler packing, and changed crank case oil (it was just time for all that stuff...but was hoping the problem would go away, it didn't)

I don't ride very hard, mostly mountain single track, and the last this happened the max temp was 70° so not too hot. But...only thing i can think of that would cause this is over heat so was thinking about getting a radiator fan. Thought I'd check around and see if that would solve my problem? Could this be something else that needs a different solution?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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