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First time racing on a NY rocky cliff I rode slowly off a cliff and as I gained speed my handlebar hit a tree and turned my knee in a bit pinning it to the peg. I got stripped away from the bike as it pulled my leg and knee around. My knee cap exploded. I got up to the side of the track and cheered my friends going by. When the healthcare guys got to me they had to cut my pants. I told them I'd take them off but they refused...When I got to the ambulance the women who was basically my mother kept insisting that it was ok if I cried lol. I was perfectly fine but for some reason her keep saying that made me break down in tears. I went to a NY hospital and started to feel a bit of pain as I waited 6 hrs to be seen. They xrayed me and determined they would have to set my leg. I had an exploded knee cap but my ligament was determined to be ok. They sedated me and set my leg. After I woke up I was in the worst pain I have ever felt. I had a bumpy ride home and begging to be mercy killed the entire way. I was in so much pain for a few weeks before surgery was scheduled. I had my surgery and it instantly relieved the pain I was in. (I live in NJ btw and that where the surgery took place) Apparently the NY drs had pinched a nerve in the bones when they set my knee. It was a real character builder. Since I had experienced that extreme pain I now have an amazingly above avg tolerance for pain. After my cast came off my leg had 0 mobility. The drs said Id never walk again. They also lied to me and said they wouldn't put pins in my leg which they did...I tried best I could to get my mobility back but nothing worked. My dad was very unsympathetic/unempathetic to my situation and couldn't understand. One day my dad insisted that he help my bend my knee. He put all of his weight on my foot as I sat back and we tried to bend it...obviously this is a terribly unsafe strategy for fixing my problem but it did bend more quite a bit so. I was able to ride a bicycle imperfectly but fairly decent and just doing that for a long period of time pretty much gave my full range back. Now days my knee is fully functional....Anyways that's one of my stories...
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