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Roadside Assistance

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Is the best plan the one with the longest tow allowance, or are there other factors to consider?

I have AMA coverage (from buying a three year membership). Are there other programs that are an upgrade and what makes sense for me on an 800 mile round trip from Ohio to Nashville? I’m riding solo and want to be covered well.
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There's always AAA, but their coverage seemed kind of expensive, $180 a year, but you do get longer towing distances if that's a factor.
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Had AAA Premiere for a lot of Years, which covers anything I Ride, Drive , or Tow .. Is not cheap but the few times I have used it will still bet I am money ahead with the price of wrecker fees anymore.. Main reason have this option is that can be towed up to 200 miles, which means can be a bit more choosy about where to have your Ride/Vehicle taken ..
I tried AAA awhile back, thinking that I had full motorcycle coverage. That's what I was told and the literature said. But when my battery died on a trip, they refused to give me a jump start. When, instead they offered to tow me to a dealership to replace the battery, they didn't have a wheel chock, tie down straps, or any knowledge of how that should be done. They had sent a standard tow truck (not a flatbed) even though I made it clear that if I needed to be towed, that a standard cable winch rig would not work, that I needed a flatbed.

I thought I had just gotten an untrained driver so I called again. They confirmed that they would not give me a jump start, but refused to send a flatbed unless I paid an extra fee. I made my own arrangements. I canceled the service and all of my policies with them. Never going back.

Now I use Coach Net, that covers all roadside service on all my cars, my RV, my boat, and my bikes for less money AND they have a concierge service that hooked me up with a factory generator service tech ON A SUNDAY, when I had a problem with my RV generator on a trip.
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State Farm insurance provides towing on anything I drive or ride and I've had them for many. many years:smile_big:

I have NEVER had a motorcycle commercially towed but my Wife did have to hook up our Motorcycle trailer once to pick me and my brand new BMW R65 up about 75 miles from home (Dead battery-insufficient charge)

I have had 2 other vehicles towed and all went well.

Have bus money, know your bike. Otherwise relying on a shop might be days waiting, so might consider having hotel monies too.

I had blown up my 500 about 3 hours from where I lived, I was on a group ride and got a ride home then rented a Uhaul to retrieve mine. But I only own the bike as a POV.

Both State Farm and Geico offer towing insurance.

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