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Road Rash

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Anyone know a good remedy for road rash?
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Leather all around---:) -Keep it as clean as possible---bacitration daily-and let it breath-when it starts to heal up use a moisturizer to help heal the skin along---as for any pain--advil is the best recommendation
Oh man girl! That sucks. I use Neosporin for the various cuts and abrasions I receive on pretty much a daily basis.
Damn Scooters!

Yeah road rash sucks, but I didn't go down on my motorcycle. I recently picked up a job riding a scooter which pulls a trailer with an ad for clubs on it. I work from 9pm-2am in the morning, no breaks. I was riding home on the highway at 2am in the morning, hit a huge pot hole and got bucked right off the scooter!!! Considering the speed and the fact that I didn't have a jacket on, I fared pretty well with only really bad road rash on my elbows and knees. Ouch!!!!
Thanks for the tips!
I used to ride downhill skateboards and touched street luging a little... I can tell you.. ROAD RASH SUCKS!

Some of my road rash incidents were more painful then one accident that ended in 2 days in the hospital, but then again morphine is good stuff.

I have found this product, unfortunetly the name escapes me, but it works wonders. Hurts at first to apply but it is great. There is a liquid and a more thicker one, basically the gel like one moisturizes, cleans and also has a pain killer...

Wear your leathers! I have seen some nasty roadrash shots from fellow skaters.
Use lots of vitamin e oil it helps to keep the skin soft and flexable and does an incredible job at reducing the noticable scars. Keep it clean! Do what you can to learn from your mistake. Good luck!
Stupid question.... What is road rash? How does one get it?

Its the type of injury you get when you scrape the ground and loose a layer or two of skin... Its called road rash I guess because its not a very deep "cut" or injury but it is very painful and hard to deal with if there is a lot of it...

For me as a downhill skater a while back it was your worst enemy, not a lot of serious injury's from falls but road rash was very common.
If'n you're looking for the medical term, it's called 'an abrasion wound.'

And it's definitely not fun. But it's survivable.
The remedy used to treat patients at a lot of hospitals is mayonaise rubbed on the injury site. I have seen ER docs use it many times on patients I have brought in. He just has them rubbed down in it, leaves it sitting for a while and then washes off. After the fact though antibacterial ointment would be the best bet.
What is road rash? How does one get it?

Lets see.
Riding and drinking or riding after drinking booze is a way.
Riding someone else's bike your not used to.
Not keeping tire pressure up.
Going into a curve way too fast at night.
These will all give you the rash.
My treatment involves drinking lots of liquid of various types.
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