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risers with stock cables

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Hello all .I have a 2003 duece Im wanting to put a 3 inch tank lift on and tallest risers that will still allow use of stock wires cable and brake line.Does any body know what will work ? Also what is the height of the stock risers,seems I have a couple inches to play with. :confused: :cool:
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2 inch rise

My buddy ahs a 2000 Duece and he was told that a 2 inch rise was all he could do, to keep from getting into serious cable reworking and and deep in the wallet.
I have a std 16 inch apes on one inch risers 4 inch tank lift and the only cables I HAD to replace were the throttle cables no extra at all in the stock ones front brake and clutch had just enough extra for me to reroute them. good luck
I have the stock cables on my 04 Dyna, will I have to change any to add 4" risers?

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