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Im passing this on from Brian :

Lost my best friend. Larry Klein of GT Motors Lansing ,MI. longtime Guzzi dealer and book seller, passed on Sunday or Monday. He was on the first vacation I've ever known him to take sailing to the British Virgin Islands with friends. He was apparently swimming when overcome by some kind of medical issue. The events surrounding his death are somewhat murky at this time. Some of you may have known him as the "book guy", attending many swap meets, Wauseon, Mid-Ohio, AHRMA events and so on. I spoke with Larry almost every day for the last 30 years of my life he will be greatly missed. He was an asset to the motorcycle world and also helped to bring voting rights to many people in Mississippi in the early 1960s.

I thought some of might want to know.

From MG... Sadly, a lot of people, have lost a fountain of knowledge, not just Moto Guzzi folk, but all bike restorers everywhere.
Apart from the mainly Guzzi workshop, Larry was the Go To guy for any of the arcane mystic rituals of Letting The Smoke Out !
If he did not have a copy of whatever bike manual that You need NOW, he knew where he could source one, fast.
As yet Brian is in the dark, cos he does not know if it was a heart attack or cramp or whatever.
I will update as and when.
Enjoy Today ! Cos You Don't Know, Whats Going To Happen Tomorrow !
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