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Rieju parts

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This really only applies to UK riders, but if your really desperate and need parts for your Rieju (they're pretty rare) then these are some places that you can try,

I'm not yet allowed to post links so you'll have to copy and paste for the moment I'm afraid :(

I know I had a really job trying to find parts for my RS2 so hope thios might help someone out.
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I found a company who help me alot and had the parts in a couple of days called urbanbike here's there website or ring them on 01526 830333
My sixteen year son, has a Rieju rr50 moped, which he depends upon to get to work.
A few weeks ago I noticed that the mot had expired so the very next day we loaded the bike into a van and promptly delivered it to a bike mot testing station.
That’s when all the fun started, it failed miserably! Brakes binding, wheel bearings etc...So I made shopping lists and sat myself down in front of the find out who would be throwing all of the parts at me.
Armed with my parts list, I made a few phone calls...first one to "sounds like"...End wrong? In Leeds (as it turns, a more applicable name).
Spoke to a geezer explained to him what I wanted, said he would call back...1 week later. No call...called again, didn't remember me...went through it all phone call...called him again ...same deal, they advertise on their website as Rieju dealers.
Anyway we have a happy ending...I found a dealer in Oswestry (Shropshire)
Mikes Bikes, what a relief. Helpful informative and interested. Could not want for more! and sorted the parts quickly. And at the right price...big thank you to Nick at Mikes Bikes in Oswestry
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Re Mikes Bikes Rieju spares.

Very similar story, my 16yo son has a mrt 50 Pro and we need a lot of spares; wheel bearings, rear suspension linkage, brakes, lever I could go on! (Unfortunately neglected by previous owner but too good to miss at sub £1000! but I digress)

On your advice I headed straight to Mikes Bikes and after explaining what I needed they said they'll call back, they didn't so I called again and asked about any progress but was fobbed off! They didn't call back and have now lost a sale. You just turned away 100+ pounds of parts???

It's done now without your help, funnily enough the 'other' rieju dealers were very accommodating!

I'm beginning to suspect the previous story was actually written by Mikes Bikes!
We don't have Rieju motorcycles here in the states, I'll have to Google them to see what in the world they are.

That, and I like the forum name of previous post above- we must be related! :cool:
Dos any 1 no if the speedo sensor lead is the same on a 50 rs Pro as the 125 rs Pro they both look the same no seems to no
Compare part# for each bike. Some good sites for looking up parts & part#
OEM Parts - Rieju/GasGas
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