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Riding glasses or goggles

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It's nice to be out and riding again, I just picked up some glasses for riding at the eye doctor yesterday. What a difference, these are more like wraparound sunglasses and have a strap that snaps on as well as some foam to seal the edges off. I also got them with transition lenses, so I can wear them day or night.

What is everyone doing, if anything?
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Doin' as in now? I'm going to bed. I work nights. Later I'll get up and go to that hell-hole I call a job.
Work nights? Doin what?
Full face helmet, cheap sunglasses when it's sunny.
I found some nice inexpensive safety glasses at a hardware store that work great for motorcycling. They look more like sunglasses than safety glasses. I've got a pair of clear and tinted to accommodate for the prevailing cloud cover.
My helmet visor is tinted, so I just keep it down. ( It actually looks kinda like a mirror from the outside. purdy cool!)
Work nights? Doin what?
Mechanic/machinist at a factory, Basically I fix machines all night long and or sharpen dull stuff. I tell ya, you spend a lot of time fixing things for a job it is no wonder why some days you don't feel like workin' on your own stuff.
Yeah i can imagine that.
I've got two helmets and wear glasses. One helmet is 1/2 and the other 3/4, so I wanted something I could wear with either. The 3/4 has an integrated face shield, which is nice in cold weather....
I always wear a full face with a clear shield,can't see too good with a tinted one. My wife hates it that I can be outside in bright sunlight without squintin'. I never wear sunglasses.
Half-helmet I wear a pair of Costa del Mar's tight fit around the nose and eyes no buffetting or dry-eye.

Full face I use them as well without any pinching around the temples.

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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