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Riders with Beards

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How do you keep your beard out of your face when you ride behind a windshield?

I didn't know if I should put this here, or in the general motorcycle discussion forums. Anyway, here it is. :grin:
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My beard at one time was about as long as GatorJoe's buddy in the picture above and after a long ride, it looked like I parted it in the middle and it stuck upwards at a 90 degree angle---weird and ugly:smile_big:

I eventually bought some necklace beads with the interior diameter large enough to snake my beard through and it looked cool along with my shaved and tattood head, with the pony tail and fake nose and ear rings, as part of my 'Sturgis Rally' obligatory outfit along with my ornate western SPUR on my left Cowboy boot. Good for and extra 2 HP on the Electra Glide I was riding:grin:

Beards can also collect stuff that you eat, drink, get hit with or spit out---that story later:smile_big:

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Basic training buzz cut at the start of my riding season when it starts to get warmer.:smile_big:

I wear a Van **** Goatee to hide my double chin:grin:

1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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