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Hey, I can post - cool!

I've never wrenched any bikes, but work on a lot of Subarus (and old Ramblers), so I should be pretty well tooled-up for routine stuff on this thing. I've just ordered up a copy of the Clymer manual, which should be a decent start.

My 16-year-old girls just picked up this ride (their first) for a couple of hundred bucks, and the immediate concern is getting it running (I doubt it'll ever undergo a thorough resto). PO claims he last rode it a couple of years ago and that it's reliable, but he has too many others on the go now to dedicate the necessary time/effort to it.

The only thing he explicitly mentioned is the need to do regular (i.e. annual) carb rebuilds. I'd be happy to hear informed opinions on this before dropping $ on a kit. The lights have all been stripped, so I'll be going over the remaining wiring to make sure what's necessary is in good-enough shape; perhaps replacing them will come later, although making it street-legal (assuming this is possible) isn't a high priority.

The one thing I do need now is a throttle assembly inc. cable. Can anyone offer any leads as to where I can find something? Since I'm not doing an obsessive resto at this point, any suggestions for a close-enough fit would be welcome.

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